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In SmartTrans we are providing highest quality services from almost 10 years! Professionalism, accuracy, only the best products and respect for our customers, this are the qualities that lead us straight to the summit. 

As a natural result of this, we are now the undisputed leader in the supply of coal to households in Silesia. Our next goal is whole Poland. Right now, we are also the only authorized distributor of coal from the Mysłowicki Wegiel Sp. z o. o. company. SmartTrans is working only with the best. 

We have a team of professionals. At every level, we employ only the people with experience who demonstrate conscientiousness and responsibility. This applies especially to our drivers, for which we set very specific, strict requirements.  We employ only the best. 

We have a large fleet of vehicles of any type for every occasion and extensive contacts in the industry. Because of this we can guarantee that each of our orders are delivered on time and in accordance with the previously agreed conditions. Customer is the most important for us and we are always doing our best to meet his expectations.

Each order is treated by us with the same commitment. Starting from the loading of the products and ending in the place selected by our customer. Right now we also give you the opportunity to monitor your order 24/7. This is possible through constant contact with our drivers and the possibility of supervising them with GPS satellite. Thanks to this real-time informations you will always know everything about the current state of your order. 

For the sake of your satisfaction, our company will make every effort to always provide the highest quality coal, accurately weighed, and the the most attractive price. In SmartTrans we are professionals and we have professional approach to each customer. We invite you to use our services.