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Ecopea “Wesoła” Mine 100%

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This coal comes from Mysłowice-Wesoła coal mine. This ecopea is real diamond among the others products of this class. It is probably the best ecopea in Poland. It has an extremely high caloric value and at the same time the combustion level of this ecopea is very low. It leaves very low amount of ash. All this things guarantee almost maintenance-free handling at all boilers with feeders. 
Manufacturer: Mysłowicki Węgiel Sp. z o. o. 

Quality parameters


typ węgla 32.1 

wartość opałowa :  ok. 29 MJ/kg

popiół : ok. 4  %

siarka : 0,3- 0,6 %

spiekalność RI : < 10 

granulacja : 5 - 25 mm

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Ekogroszek Wesoła 100%Ekogroszek Wesoła 100%